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Custom Bikes

Custom Bikes

When we get chance and we have a customer who wants something special then we love doing some custom work on a bike.

It might be something simple like aesthetic with just a new tank, seat or handlebars to change the look but sometimes we get to redo so much of the bike and change the performance or the complete style completely, and like this is how we love to do.

It is always great to see how different a bike can do and even better to see how excited a customer can get when they see and ride their bike for the first time.

Over the years we have custom many bikes for many customers and you can see some of these bikes below.

If you are looking to get some custom work done on your bike then feel free to contact us and let us know what you want to do.


We started both of the bikes below with a new 2017 Detech Win similar to the bike here then started the custom work.

detech win 127cc

With the first bike our customer had a plan to change everything. The main changes that he wanted was disk brakes, a single rear suspension and to change the aesthetics with a new tank, seat lights etc.

This required alot of work to get it done but it was worth it as the bike came out looking amazing.

The front disk brake has given the bike much better stopping power, the single suspension has made it a much more comfortable ride, the larger tyres have improved the handling and the aesthetics with the new rims, seat, tank etc have made it look brilliant.

 custom detech win with disk brake custom detech win with disk brake custom detech win with disk brake

We also did another Detech Win with some custom work but this time we did slightly less. We still added a front suspension and bigger tyres but without the rear single suspension and back disk brake. (This made the custom work much cheaper but still gave a much better stopping power.)

We also changed the aesthetics of the bike with the tank, lights, seat etc, so is looking good and certainly different to the standard Win look.

custom detech win with disk brake

custom detech win with disk brake  CUSTOM HONDA CG

As well as doing custom work on our Wins we also work on other bikes such as the Honda CG below. This bike started off with all the factory parts but as had everything changed apart from the frame, the tank and the engine!!!\

honda cg 125

After we finished you wouldn’t recognise it.

Front and back disk brakes, a single rear suspension with a Yamaha Exciter rear swing arm, new suspension from a Suzuki GN 125, the rims and tyres are much larger making the bike handle much better. We have also changed the seat (and end of the frame), lights, exhaust, speedos, handlebar, back sprocket and anything else we could to make a completely new bike.

custom honda gl 125 custom honda gl 125 custom honda gl 125


This is one of our favourite bikes that we did. It started as a Honda Win (Original Honda) and we did a single suspension to raise the height of the bike, replaced the tank, handlebars, lights, exhaust etc to give it a better look.

custom honda win

custom honda win custom honda win


The custom Honda 67 we did was very much a boy racer. It is a very small bike and with 110cc giving it extra power. It was certainly built for speed and looks over comfort but the looks are what made it.

custom honda 67


Over the years we have done many custom Wins for customers where they just want to change the look or style of the bike. Below you can see some of these bikes. It is usually easy and cheap to do this as it only the style and not anything to do with the performance of the bike.

custom win custom win

custom win

custom win

custom win

custom win

custom win

custom win

custom win

custom win

custom win

custom win

If you have an idea about what you want to custom on your bike then send us a message and let us know your idea. We will tell you what we are able to do.

There are 4 comments

  1. Ben 2 years ago

    Do you do motorbike side car customization?

    • style 2 years ago

      Sorry we arent able to do a custom side car

  2. Chad Brown 2 years ago

    These look awesome! Would it be possible to fit one with a toe shifter like the one’s found on other manual motorcycles?

    • style 2 years ago

      yes it is possible to custom this for you


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