Info and Routes

Here you can find information about the routes we recommend, specific parts of the country, about the bikes and some blogs and videos from our customers.

Routes – click here

Here you will find all of the routes that we recommend for Vietnam. These are split into routes between Hanoi and HCMC, the north, the center and the south. Depending on where you want to go and how much time you have you can choose a route from one or more of the categories above.

As well as reading the routes on the website you can download the maps onto Google Maps on your phone by clicking on the icon in the top right of the map window.

All of the maps have a more detailed description once opened and many icons throughout highlighting part of Vietnam that are good to see on a motorbike including, waterfalls, national parks, good views and good rides.

Customer Blogs and videos – click here

The link above to for the videos and blogs that our customers have shared with us. If you want to see more of what you can expect from your trip then browse through here.

The Best Rides – click here

Here we have detailed some of our favourite places in Vietnam for riding. If you have a long time in Vietnam or want to see some of the best places that the country has to offer bikers then try and ensure that you fit as many of these places into your trip.