Two on a Journey – Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Two on a Journey – Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos


1 bike, 2 people, 3 countries and 2.5 months to do it all.

This is the adventure 2 of our customers, Irene and Dominique, well at least the part on our bike. They are traveling a lot than this but this is where we met them and their section on a bike began.

Starting in Hanoi they picked up a new Detech Win from us and proceeded to travel through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos on the bike.

You can find all the details and the videos that they made on the links below. If you are looking to take a bike to all 3 of these countries then this is a great way to see what is waiting for you.

Vietnam –

Cambodia –

Laos –

enjoying the open road in vietnam on a detech win

Here are some facts about our Roadtrip through Vietnam:

  • Our vehicle: Honda Detech Win (130 ccm)
  • Purchase price (new): 650 $
  • Duration of the trip: 26 days (Vietnam)
  • Distance: approx. 2595 Km (Vietnam) 6000km (Total)
  • Fuel consumption: total 70 liters
  • Pannings: 3x flat tire (all in the first three days …)
  • Visits to the mechanic: 5x oil change, 2x service, 1x new brakes