Ban Gioc Waterfall and Tiger Cave, Cao Bang

On the border with China is the famous Ban Gioc Waterfall, a large 30m tall waterfall, which is shared by Vietnam and China.

The waterfall can be quite different in the wet and dry season. While in the dry season it can be seen as 2 distinct waterfalls in the wet season it appears as 1.

Entry to the waterfall has a minimal cost for a ticket which is just paid at the entrance. Through the entrance is some small shops selling snacks and souvenirs which aren’t the nicest looking but beyond these next to the bottom of the falls is open fields and a wooden walk way to get to the bank and enjoy a close up view.

There is small boats that offer a short ride to get right

Just over 80km from Cao Bang city the waterfall and cave are a ideal day trip if you are staying in Cao Bang for 2 days. The ride itself is nice although not that memorable when compared to some of the other rides in Cao Bang and Ha Giang.