Motorbike Routes – South Vietnam

The shorter southern motorbike routes mentioned below are for visiting the area around HCMC. This includes the Mekong Delta, seeing the floating market and/or Phu Quoc island. There is also one larger route to the north of the HCMC. This includes the mountains of Dalat, the beaches of Nha Trang, the central highlands of Buon Ma Thuot and back to HCMC. While the riding in the north provides the best views, in the south there is more variety.

3 days – Mekong Delta / Floating Market

This is the shortest route for visiting the Mekong Delta, the floating market and the small islands at My Tho.

4+ days – Phu Quoc Island and Mekong Delta

This route follows on from the route above but continues to Phu Quoc island. This has some of the nicest beaches in Vietnam. The route is at least 4 days but can be longer with extra nights on the island and maybe 1 night in My Tho.

7 days – Southern Mountains and Beaches Motorbike Routes

This is the only motorbike route in the south to offer beaches and mountains. It heads to Dalat and then Nha Trang. You can spend a full day exploring waterfalls around Dalat before heading to the beaches of Nha Trang. The roads coming out of the mountains towards the coast making a beautiful ride. This route also offers the chance to go to Cat Tien national park and the Cu Chi tunnels. If you have the time it is a nice loop to do in the south. It can be combined with the first 2 routes which head to the Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc island.