Ha Giang Loop – Motorbike Routes

The Ha Giang Loop is becoming a very famous and most do motorbike route in Vietnam. The loop can be done in 3 days but there is so much to see in the Ha Giang region. You can easily spend more time in the region and take a longer trip. The routes we recommend are shown below.

3+ days – Ha Giang Loop

For the quickest motorbike route we have the loop shown below. Setting off from Ha Giang you head towards Dong Van following the main route along the QL4C. You will pass some stunning views and have some lovely roads to ride. Not far outside of Ha Giang is Quan Ba which has plenty of homestay. Is option is if you don’t want to go far on the first day or don’t want to start early from Ha Giang. Later in the first day you will pass by the Hmong Palace and can head north to the Lung Cu flagpole.

The second day leaves Dong Van with the option to head north in a loop around a dirt track with amazing mountain views. The road is bad so you have the option to go all the way or just a little bit before turning around. You will then head south and pass the Ma Pi Leng pass, the most spectular view of Ha Giang.ha giang loop dirt track honda xr

After the Ma Pi Leng Pass you will see a large selection of homestays just before Meo Vac with another option to stay here if you want to extend the trip or if you want to take a boat trip. The boat trip starts from a turning just before the homestays and heads up river. This gives a very different view of the Ma Pi Leng pass and the first chance to take a swim on the trip.

From Meo Vac you will head into the heart of the mountains of Ha Giang and towards Du Gia. The roads here are much small and quitier than the previous days. At Du Gia you will be able to head to the waterfalls and take a dip.

The final day is returning to Ha Giang heading north, then west. Before heading south and back to Ha Giang city.

5 days – Ha Giang Loop and Ba Be Lake

An easy way to extend the Ha Giang loop is by heading to Ba Be Lake national park before heading back to Ha Giang.

You will be following the same route above, the 3+ day loop. But leaving Du Gia you will head north again and back to Meo Vac. From here you will head south to Bao Lac.

From Bao Lac you head further south to the national park of Ba Be Lake. It is a perfect final stop for a motorbike trip as you can relax with a swim or boat trip in the lake.

From here you will just head back to Ha Giang to finish the trip.

7 days – Ha Giang and Cao Bang

Below is the longest route for the Ha Giang loop. It is 7 days and covers the regions of both Ha Giang and Cao Bang.

It follows the first shortest route around Ha Giang until Du Gia. Ha Giang to Dong Van, then passing by Meo Vac to Du Gia. You can read the full details of this above.

But heading out from Du Gia you will take another route. You will head north and back past Meo Vac and then south to Bao Lac staying here for a night. Or if you still have time then all of the way to Cao Bang. Cao Bang is the large city you will see since Ha Giang and until you return.

You will also be spending the next night in Cao Bang as you head to the Ban Gioc waterfall for the day.

From Cao Bang you will head to the national park at Ba Be Lake. A beautiful a peaceful lake there you can enjoy a swim. You final day will be heading back towards Ha Giang.

If you enjoy the Ha Giang Loop then we recommend looking into doing the Hai Van Pass between Hoi An and Hue as well. This is a much shorter trip at just 1 day but it will be along the coast, giving you a completely different experience.

Hai Van Pass