Motorbikes Routes in Vietnam

There are many motorbike routes in Vietnam that you can take. This will depend on how long you have in the country and what you want to see. Most people have a month or less due to visas so this means that you can’t see all that Vietnam has to offer. So you have to decide what is the most important part for you.

The motorbike routes are split into sections. Hanoi to HCMC, the north, the centre and the south.

These maps can be downloaded onto your phone, then opened in Google Maps. This allow you to always see the route when you are travelling. We have marked some of the highlights, some recommended cities and towns to stay in and comments on basic directions to follow the route. When the route is saved on Google Maps you can see it on the menu screen. You can read the details by clicking on the information icon. Here you can read the description of the route and also see the optional extras you can take and also turn on and off the icons for various parts.

Most people will be using the Hanoi – HCMC routes. But if you have a month or more then you can do this route as well as some of the north.

Hanoi to HCMC – click here

(Hanoi – Hue / Hoi An -or- HCMC – Hue / Hoian also above)

The Northern Routes – from Hanoi – click here

Ha Giang Loop Routes – click here

The Central Routes – click here

The Southern Route – click here

For more information or advice about routes just email us or come and talk to us in our shops.