Motorbikes for Sale

As well as renting we also have motorbikes for sale in Hanoi, HCMC, Hoi An and Ha Giang. The Detech Win for sale is the most common bike that we have. Normally we recommend buying a motorbikes in Vietnam for customers travelling for a long time. If you are travelling less than 1 month we recommend renting.

If you aren’t sure about renting or buy you can have a read of the article below. It might help you decide.

Renting or buying a motorbike

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All of the bikes that we have for rent as also available for sale which includes, Detech Win 110cc / 127cc / 140cc, Honda Wave 110cc, Honda XR 150cc, Honda CB 150cc as well as having other individual bikes so it is best to contact us directly to see which bikes are available and what prices are.

Bikes for sale are usually only a few years old and are often the older of the rental bikes so we have owned them since they were brand new and have serviced and maintained them ourselves to ensure that they are still in good condition. The prices often start from as cheap as $350 but the price varies a lot depending on the age and condition of the bike.

Bikes for sale come with everything the rental bikes have no but breakdown warranty hence for a short trip a rental bike is a better offer. We offer a buy back with most of our bikes so if you are finishing in Hanoi, HCMC, Hoi An or Ha Giang then you can sell it back for us.

Included for free…

Luggage rack

Bungee cords


Phone holder

USB charger

Basic helmet

Blue card


Detech Win motorbikes for sale in Vietnam

To find out the current stock of motorbikes for sale just get in contact with us via email or Whatsapp. We can then give you a list of the motorbikes we currently have for sale in each shop.