Hai Van Pass Rental

The Hai Van Pass is the most famous pass in Vietnam. It offers stunning views of both the mountains and the sea at the same time. It is located between Hoi An and Hue. Therefore it is easy to do a Hai Van Pass rental with Style Motorbikes.

Hai Van Pass Rental Bikes

There is a selection of bikes available for the Hai Van Pass both automatic and manual therefore something suitable for everyone. With the most popular models shown above and the others at the end of the page. Our main automatic bike is the 125cc Suzuki Impulse, reliable and with a strong engine makes it great for the Hai Van Pass for beginners and take take 1 or 2 people.

For those wanting a manual bike there is the classic Detech Win, (Honda Win). It is the iconic backpacker bike for Vietnam. For bigger bikes there is the Honda XR 150cc and Honda CB 150cc which are great for a more experienced rider.


Price and what is included?

You can rent with Style Motorbikes from either Hoi An or Hue one way to the other location from as little as $20 for the day. There is no additional cost for dropping off the bike. You are able to extend the rental for as little as $9 per day or even travel all the way up to Hanoi or down to HCMC.

Included in the Hai Van Pass rental price is…

1- The the drop off in our shop in the other city.

2 – The shipping of your backpacks to the other shop.

3 – A good quality helmet, with the option of protection for rent if you want it.

4 – A phone holder and USB charger for navigation.

Hai Van Pass Easy Rider

As well as traveling on your own bike we offer a driver service, called ‘easy rider’. This allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the views as we take you around. You can see more information below.  If you don’t feel confident riding on your own bike then this is the option we recommend and costs just $50 including, the bike, petrol, protection and luggage shipping.

Hai Van Pass Rental – Easy Rider

Ha Giang Loop

After you have done the Hai Van Pass then we recommend checking out the Ha Giang Loop in the north of Vietnam. We have shops in Hanoi and Ha Giang and offer motorbike rentals in both of these shops for the Ha Giang Loop.

The Ha Giang Loop is famous for having the most beautiful views of all of Vietnam. You follow stunning mountains along the border of China as you explore the Vietnamese countryside for all its glory.

Ha Giang Loop

Where else can I go?

Between Hue and Hoi An there is not only the Hai Van Pass but also the city of Da Nang. The stunning views at the look out point of Ban Co Peak and the national park Bach Ma which can all be enjoyed in a day or longer if you have the time.

From Hue it is also possible to reach Phong NHA national park within 2 days. If you have 5 days it is therefore possible to enjoy Phong Nha and the national park and return to Hue. You can read about the national park below.

Phong Nha National Park

Hai Van Pass Rental Routes

Below is our downloadable map of the route. You can download this and keep is saved in Google Maps. You can follow this on your trip using the phone holder which is included on all of the bikes. Just open this on your phone and it will load onto your Google Maps.