Rental Motorbikes

We offer different types of rental motorbikes. We recommend manual and semi-automatic. Both of these are  suitable for travel across all of Vietnam but each has their own advantages.

The manual bikes are more suitable for longer trip especially for experienced riders. They have a larger fuel tank, larger rear tyres and have a clutch which offers more control.

For more information on the Detech manual bikes please click here. This is the cheap manual bike we offer a common sight for backpackers across Vietnam.

For more information on the Honda manual bikes please click here. These are the higher cc manual bikes, ranging from 125cc to 150cc.

For more information on the Suzuki manual bike please click here. This is a smaller but very reliable manual bike, the easiest of the manual bikes to learn.

The semi-automatic bikes are a great option for someone new to riding as they are easy to learn. As they are real Honda they are also very reliable and rarely have any problems.

For more information on the Honda semi-automatic bikes please click here.

We also have the large 300cc Kawasaki Versys and the Honda CB500X for experienced riders looking for the best bikes for travelling Vietnam.