Moc Chau

Moc Chau district is located in the North of Vietnam in Son La province about 190km West of Hanoi, 5 hours by motorbike. The main town of the region is also called Moc Chau. The region is known for its fertile ground allowing large tea fields and many dairy farms to prosper. Much of the dairy products of Vietnam come from Moc Chau, particularly the milk and yoghurts.

moc chau teafields

More recently the region has had more of a push into domestic tourism with the opening of Bach Long Glass bridge, the world’s largest. This is within Moc Chau Island area. A large tourist resort with many activites and options for accommodation and food.

Moc Chau is part of many of the motorbike routes we recommend for the North of Vietnam, particularly the longer routes taking about 2 weeks or more just for the North. You can see some of the motorbike routes on the link below.

Northern Vietnam Routes

bach long glass bridge moc chau

Getting to Moc Chau by Motorbike

Moc Chau is located between Mai Chau, Ta Xua and Son La. When you are going to Moc Chau you will be likely heading to or from 2 of these 3 locations by motorbike.

Ta Xua is to the North of Moc Chau and you can arrive there via a short ferry over the Da River with your motorbike. There is always a ferry waiting here so you can just turn up and go. The ride to the ferry from Moc Chau is nice if not spectacular. But the ride on the North side of the bank is very nice as you follow the river.

Son La is located to the West and you can reach it via the AH13. The road here isn’t impressive as there views aren’t special. As there is only 1 road heading this way you will find that the buses and trucks are also taking the same road as you.

ben Phà Vạn Yên ferry

Coming from Mai Chau, (or anywhere to the East) you will have 2 options for motorbike. The more common option is the AH13. A highway that is the most direct route, therefore, most busy. The road here is large and wide. The views are good as at some points you get quite high and can see over the surrounding area.

The other options from the East is the smaller road North of the AH13. The road is much smaller so will be less busy but also longer. It has many twists and turns on the way. If your priority is to take the quieter, smaller roads then this is the route for you.

Chữ S huyền thoại


There is quite a few options for places to stay in Moc Chau. The town itself has many homestays and hotels to choose from. Although when staying in the town you don’t get much of a view, this location offers, the most restaurant options, a cheap price and it is the easy location to get to from entering or leaving Moc Chau.

You can also stay in homestays near the teafields North of the town and some of the waterfalls to the East. These give the best views of the natural beauty of Moc Chau but will require a little more motorbike riding to get to. If you are planning to see either of these locations, staying here will be more convenient. Staying in the homestays here means not having too many options for food so book in advance to make sure there is food available.

Moc Chau Island area where the Bach Long Glass Bridge is located is the third option. There is a range of accommodation here but the price here will be higher than the other options. The area has plenty of food options and activites but it is a much different experience to staying in a homestay and enjoying the pure natural beauty of Moc Chau.

moc chau homestay


Moc Chau is famous for is dairy. Much of the milk, yoghurt and other dairy products of Vietnam come from here. There are a few places in Vietnam where you could see a dairy farm. As such the yoghurt here is something you should try whilst here.

In the city there are some restaurants but the options are limited to basic Vietnamese dishes. You will see pho, fried rice, and other Northern street food places. The homestays outside of the city will offer food. Depending on the homestay, these are often the best meals you get in Vietnam. Book in advance so the homestay can prepare food for you.

If you are staying in Moc Chau Island area, you will have a much larger range of food options. But here the price will be much higher for these.

moc chau yoghurt and milk

What To Do in Moc Chau

Bach Long Glass Bridge

The world’s largest glass bridge is not for the faint-hearted. Bach Long Glass Bridge is situated between the mountains of Moc Chau. Its highest point is 150m from the ground to the walkway. The world record was set when it opened at over 600m long.

bach long glass bridge

The bridge hugs the mountain side before extending over the gorge where you will really feel the effect of standing on glass 150m up. The glass is reinforced 40mm glass to ensure the safety but knowing this might not comfort anyone with a fear of heights.

The bridge is located inside Moc Chau Island area, a large tourist complex offering a range of accommodation, restaurants and activities. You can visit the bridge without staying here. There is an entrance fee of 550k VND. You can see more about the Moc Chau Island below.

Moc Chau Island

moc chau island

Tea Fields

The tea fields of Moc Chau are iconic and part of what makes the area famous. There are 2 areas where it is best to see these. To the North of the town is a large area dedicated to growing tea fields and a more authentic experience. Around this area is many homestays which overlook the teafields so you can wake up to the sunrise with this view.

Near the town is also some tea fields. Here they have a section in the shape of a love heart, with the words ‘Moc Chau – I Love You’. Hence the name ‘Love Heart Tea Fields’. This is easier to reach from the town and allows for some nice pictures.

moc chau teafields

Chieng Khoa Waterfall – Thác Chiềng Khoa

This stunning waterfall is hidden in the forest about 24km outside of Moc Chau town. It is still very natural and untouched by tourism.

The waterfall is split into 7 levels, each level is between 7 – 10 metres high with a pool at the bottom of each. At the last level you can enter the water and swim or rent one of the rafts to go into closer to the falls. A great way to cool down and freshen up after a long ride.

thac chieng khoa waterfall

To get to the bottom of the waterfall you can either walk a and long way down and back again. Or ride a dirt road you can follow that is also steep and bad. This ride is should only be done if you are experienced.

thac chieng khoa waterfall

Nang Tien Waterfall – Thác Nàng Tiên

Another waterfall that is still relatively untouched by tourism and about 24km from Moc Chau town. The waterfall has 3 levels, each level here has a much different appearance to each other.

The bottom level is the easiest to reach and the pool here is only waist height deep making it easy to relax in. The higher levels, the more difficult to reach and the deeper the pools. You will find moss-covered rocks making it more difficult to navigate.

thac nang tien waterfall

The surrounding area is overgrown in vegetation creating a incredible effect of natural beauty to enjoy.

When arriving at the waterfall, you will see that the road has recently been improved. But the last section is still gravel so you need to be careful on the last part.

thac nang tien waterfall

Moc Chau Reserve Summary

Moc Chau is an area of great natural beauty with the teafields and the waterfalls, although now with the added additional of the worlds largest glass bridge. If you are passing through this area, 1 night here will give you some unique experiences that are not that common in the rest of Vietnam. With just 1 night you can see both the teafields and waterfalls although more time might be needed if you want to see the bridge as well.

Below is a map highlighting the locations mentioned above.