How Does the Motorbike Rental Work?

As we have 5 shops in Vietnam, 2 in the north (Hanoi and Ha Giang), 2 in the centre (Hoi An and Hue) and 1 in the south (Ho Chi Minh City). This means that you can start your motorbike rental in one city and then leave the motorbike in another, a one way rental.

This one way rental allows you to see as much of the country as you can in the time that you have.

Having shops throughout the country also means that you can get the bike serviced with us during the rental. This makes sure that the bike stays in the best possible condition throughout your trip.

What do you need for a motorbike rental?

All the need to rent is money and a deposit which we will mention later.

We don’t need to see a drivers license and you don’t even need experience on a bike. We are able to take you for a lesson for free before you agree to rent a bike to make sure it is good for you.

So just turn up and we will take care of you by finding the right bike. Making sure you can ride it properly and understand the maintenance.

What is the deposit require to rent?

When you rent we need some form of deposit from you. This can be cash or a passport. You can see how much on each individual bike.

If it is a passport and you leave from another city then we will send the passport to your final destination for you.

Don’t worry about travelling without a passport, many customers do this and it is fine. You need a copy on your phone and at the shop we will print a copy out for you. You use this for accommodation on the way.

If you are returning to the same shop that you start then we can take the deposit in any currency.

What else do I need for a motorbike rental?

The most important 3 things that you need when you rent is…

Safety Equipment and Helmet – With the bike you get a basic helmet but we highly recommend getting a better quality helmet. We have a large selction of European and US standard helmets. We also stock gloves and body protection.

You can see our stock on the link here.

motorbike safety gear

Waterproof Gear – Vietnam can rain and when it does it rain hard so having good quality waterproofs is vital. Most backpacks come with a bag cover which is sufficient but if you don’t have one of these it is very important to get one, we also sell these at the shop for $9. Aswell as making your bag waterproof you obviously want to keep yourself dry. With the semi auto bikes a poncho works well and you can easily find these anywhere in Vietnam. But for the manual bikes poncho don’t work well and it is recommended to have a jacket and trousers.

SIM card / Internet / Whatsapp – Having a SIM card and data is vital if you have a problem so that you can ring us. As well as that this also means you can navigate with Google Maps which is much better than Maps.Me in Vietnam. These are cheap and can be picked up everywhere. Before coming to Vietnam setup Whatsapp, the number won’t change when you come to Vietnam. We prefer this for messaging our customers.

The bikes already come with most other things that you could need. A phone holder and USB charger, an extended rack, bungee cords for your bags, a lock for security and a map to help you plan a route.

What do I do if there is a problem?

If you have a problem then you just need to contact us. We will want to speak to a local and ask them for help or where the nearest mechanic is. Then we can figure out the best way to get you back on the road.

We never know when or where someone could have a problem but we can always find a solution, we just need customers to contact us so we can help.

Why should I rent and not buy?

This is something that we get asked a lot.

The main reason to rent is that you will get a better bike, you get support throughout your trip and a breakdown warranty.

As well as this you will also know the cost of the trip before you leave instead of not knowing how much you will sell your bike for or how much you will pay in repairs.

If you are short on time in Vietnam with only have a month visa or less then you don’t want to spend the last 4 or 5 days stuck in the city trying to sell your bike. You could of still been exploring the country and discovering more of what makes Vietnam so special.

If there is anything else you want to know the just get in contact with us.

Our contact page is here.