Motorbike Helmets and Equipment

The most important aspect to consider when you have got your motorbike is the protection that you will be wearing. This starts with motorbike helmets but also gloves and protection.

At Style Motorbikes the bikes we provide come with everything that you need for the trip but the protection that you want you buy separately. We offer a wide range of helmets and protection to suit every bodies needs.

Motorbike Helmets

A good helmet is obviously very important when you are riding and we offer a wide range of helmets which you can see on the link above.

There is budget helmets and well as DOT and ECE-R 22.05 certified helmets which can be worn in both the US and Europe.

We also have a range of styles including, 3/4 helmet with a visor which offers better visibility and comfort if you worry about the heat, the full face helmets which offer the best protection, and modular helmets which are a combination of the first 2 styles.

To see our full range then see the link below.

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Motorbike Gloves

Gloves are a great and easy way to increase your protection when riding without being any less comfortable. The gloves are also cheap starting at just $9. They come in a range of sizes from M to XXL.

Body Protection

If you want to be at your safest then you can try the body protection we offer. There is 2 main types that we offer, a jacket with build in protection, and arm and leg protection. You can see all these options on the link above.