Detech Win

The Detech Win that we offer come in 2 different models as seen below. Each model offers something slightly different that you can see by clicking on them.

They are normally less than 2 years old to ensure that they are reliable and we regularly serviced ensure they are in good condition.

The prices shown are for the monthly rental across Vietnam. Daily, 3 weeks or longer rental prices are shown on the individual bike.

The Win is the most common motorbike for travel in Vietnam and you will see many fellow travelers using it. As it is so common almost all mechanics in Vietnam have spare parts and can easily service and fix them. This means that if you do encounter a problem on your trip this should be easy to resolve.

Detech is a Vietnamese version of the Win and the best company making the Win. As such this is the only Win that we deal with.

We deal with the 110cc and 127cc model of the Detech Win. These offer slightly different performances to each other that you can see by clicking on the relevant bike below.

Advantages of the Detech Win

When travelling a long way the Win offers many advantages over a semi-automatic or automatic bike.

1 . Firstly the 7 litre fuel tank  is much larger and situated at the front of the bike. Hence you don’t have to fill up so often and don’t have to remove your bags to do this unlike the semi or auto.

2. Larger rear tyres for a better performance off road or on low quality roads which you will may encounter.

3. Having clutch control not only adds an additional way of braking the bike but offers more control to the overall driving of the bike.

4. We can fit the bikes with a USB and phone holder for better navigation.

5. And the most important is that if you are comfortable driving a manual bike then they are just more fun to ride.

With all of our Win we offer a free luggage rack, bungee cords, USB charger, phone holder, map, lock and map.


When choosing the Detech Win for travelling it is worth noting that you are choosing the cheap bike that we offer. If reliability is your priority then we offer some Honda and Suzuki bikes but these are a more expensive option. You can see the bikes on the links below.



As well as this we provide you with a free service in Hanoi before or after heading through northern Vietnam. Also a free service in Hoi An when travelling north or south. This means the bikes continue to be well maintained and serviced while you are renting them.

As well as rental options we do have some of our older bikes for sale, please contact us directly to find the available stock we have for sale and see the link below.

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