Thanh Chuong Tea Field Islands

Thanh Chuong Tea Field Islands are located between the Centre and the North of Vietnam. They link Phong Nha in the centre and either Mai Chau, Pu Luong or Ninh Binh in the North. Whilst this area is not famous it provides a perfect place to stop off when travelling between these areas. It is a great alternative to Vinh and allows you to stay inland and away from the busy highways.

doi che thanh chuong tea field islands

Getting to Thanh Chuong Tea Field Islands by Motorbike

Located just off the Ho Chi Minh Road makes this area easy to reach whilst travelling from North to South or vice versa as there is no detour needed. It is 220km from Phong Nha and 260km from either Pu Luong or Ninh Binh. This allows you to split up the long drive between these area easily.

Many people see Vinh are the way to split this journey. But the coastal road, QL1A, is not a nice ride. It is busy with many trucks and buses. The city of Vinh also has very little to offer tourists. The only advance is that you can make better time down this road.

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The surrounding area of Nghe An has many small towns which offer homestays or Nha Nghi guesthouse.

But the highlight is the homestays on the banks of the lake. In particular Gio Lao Eco Lodge, which has cheap accomodation in the way of a tent, mixed dorm, or private rooms. There is more than one homestay on the lake so there is always accomodation available. You don’t need to book in advance. Staying here gives you the best views of the Thanh Chuong Tea Field Islands.

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What To Do in Thanh Chuong Tea Field Islands

Tea Fields

The tea fields here are the highlight of the area. These are located on both the islands which have to be reached by boat or kayak and the banks where the accomodation is located. This means you are walk or ride the bike through the area to see them up close. At the right time of year you will see many people working here. They harvest the tea fields and will be more than happy for you to join in and help out.

doi che thanh chuong tea field islands


The Gio Lao Eco Lodge has kayaks.  Customers can use these to explore the lake and see the Thanh Chuong tea field islands. The lake is big enough that you can easily spend 1 hour kayaking around to enjoy the views and or either stop at some of the islands.

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The lake is very clean so at the right time of year then you will want to swim here after a long motorbike ride. In the winter the temperature here will not be warm enough for you to want to swim but in Spring, Summer and Autumn it will be perfect.

Thanh Chuong Tea Field Islands Summary

The Thanh Chuong Tea Field Islands are the perfect place to stop when you are heading North from Phong Nha or south from Ninh Binh, Mai Chau or Pu Luong. Although it is rarely the highlight of people’s trip it is a lovely area and makes the riding from these area much better as they are quiet roads with good views.