6 Best motorbike brands in Vietnam

6 Best motorbike brands in Vietnam


Motorbikes are an essential means that people often use today. Along with rising demand, motorbike manufacturers also offer more designs, reasonable models and affordable prices to meet the needs of many people. Still, before you can buy a satisfactory motorbike, you should learn thoroughly about it in all aspect. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most popular motorcycle brands with Style Motorbikes right away.

6 Best motorbike brands in Vietnam

Choose a motorbike based on the criteria of aesthetics, quality, durability and price.


Honda is one of the motorcycle manufacturers chosen and trusted by Vietnamese people over the past 20 years.

With origin from Japan, Honda has always been the leading brand in the field of manufacturing high-quality motorbikes in the world. It is also known for its powerful, durable and low-fuel machine engine.Honda Airblade

Honda Airblade is a scooter with a neutral design. It is suitable for both men and women, thereby receiving much sympathy from consumers.

Surely, you cannot forget the legendary Dream motorbike from Honda with its durability. Nowadays, Dream is still in use, though many years and aesthetic trends have changed. With this motorbike, you can ride long distances as well as save fuel effectively.

With a variety of prices and features on the market, Honda has a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from. There are some popular names you can consider such as Cub, Wave Alpha, Vision, AirBlade, and Lead.

If you are planning to buy an affordable motorbike with quality and durability, Honda will be the motorcycle brand that you cannot be ignored.Honda SH

If asked in Vietnam which motorbike is the most advanced, it could only be Honda SH. This model has consistently led the segment for over 10 years.


Another brand on par with Honda that we want to mention is Yamaha. Its motorcycles have also appeared for quite a long time on the Vietnamese market.

Also originating from Japan, Yamaha is known for applying light-alloy manufacturing technology to both the engine and the frame of its motorbikes. It is not too strange that the quality has made Yamaha up to the second position in the field of manufacturing and operating motorcycles worldwide.

Yamaha motorbikes are known to Vietnamese people with their eye-catching beauty, luxurious colors, dynamism, and extremely fashionable designs. The best-selling bike has to be mentioned Exciter, which is favored and selected by many men.

Other best-selling motorbikes are of the Sirius and Jupiter lines with a youthful, compact, affordable design that many parents choose for their children. Stylish scooters must also mention Yamaha Nouvo, Nozza Grande and many other models.

Although it is not the leading motorbike company in terms of fuel economy, no other motorbike manufacturers could match Yamaha’s quality and durability.

If you want to choose a dynamic motorbike with a sporty design, do not miss the Yamaha brand!

Yamaha Exciter

Yamaha Exciter has dominated the small clutches segment in Vietnam for nearly 10 years and its appeal to men has never decreased. Launched in 2005, Exciter created its own path by increasing the engine capacity against its competitors. Thanks to the amazing speed experience, it is always loved by young people. Currently, there are hundreds of Exciter fan clubs across the country and this number will increase continuously soon.


Another Japanese name – Suzuki is also interested by many Vietnamese customers.

Launched with the Suzuki Viva model a long time ago, it still receives a lot of favor with the advantages of the engine’s health and sleek design. So far, Suzuki has always been highly appreciated thanks to the two factors: its exquisite design with the powerful engine.

Some models you can refer to from this brand are Suzuki Viva, Revo, Hayate scooters, Impulse, Raider clutches, …


Suzuki is a Japanese manufacturer famous for its sophisticated style


For customers who love trendy and luxurious motorcycles, Piaggio motorcycle brand would be a perfect choice. Although it has launched not long ago after other brands such as Honda or Yamaha, Piaggio quickly knows its customer insight.

Especially, the European-style models of this motorbike manufacturer have easily conquered a lot of customers. One of them is Vespa – suitable for luxurious ladies, or Liberty, ZIP and Fly.

Besides, the company is a very strong competitor on the market when it comes to producing large-displacement vehicles. For example, some names like Moto Guzzi, Derbi, Aprilia, … for men who are passionate about speed and style.


Luxurious and powerful motorbike from Piaggio

Kawasaki Z1000

Referring to large-displacement motorcycles, many people will think of the Kawasaki Z1000. It is the 1000 cc segment of naked bike of the Japanese automaker. Z1000 began its production in 2003. However, it was not until the 3rd generation (2010–2013) that it caught the attention in Vietnam.

With a cheaper price compared to its rivals, the ability to operate easily with a rugged design, Z1000 is much more popular. It is so famous that there have been dozens of associations and groups of motorists across the country.

Before the domination of this product in Vietnam, many bikers have even called for “boycott of Z1000 because of the diversification of motorcycles in Vietnam”. Although this is just a satirical opinion, it also caused a wave of controversy in the motorbike industry.
According to a survey at some Kawasaki business units in Ho Chi Minh City, along with Z800, Z1000 is still the most popular model in its product portfolio.

Kawasaki Z1000

The price of this model is currently listed at 399 million VND for the standard color and the Z1000 ABS R Edition 2018 is from 439 million.


Last but not least, one of the 6 best quality motorbike brands in Vietnam is the Taiwanese automaker – SYM.

The biggest advantage of this motorbike company is its affordable price which is suitable for all customers. Contrary to the low price, SYM’s quality and aesthetics do not disappoint anyone.


SYM owns high quality, affordable models.

The ranges of SYM scooters that are dominating the Vietnam market is Attila Elizabeth, Attila Venus, Attila Victoria,…

Above are the most popular motorbikes of Vietnamese in 2019. Hope you will have your own choice and could make a good decision to buy yourself a favourite motorbike.