10 Best places to eat Pho in Ho Chi Minh

10 Best places to eat Pho in Ho Chi Minh


Besides the scenery or culture, cuisine is also considered a factor that attracts a lot of tourists to Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh city in particular. Certainly there are many attractive, delicious and specific dishes each region. However, the noodle dish with a strong Vietnamese flavor is always a very specific mark – something that any visitor coming to Vietnam wants to enjoy. So, do you know the best places to eat Pho in Ho Chi Minh? Let’s take a look at Stylemotorbikes review best Pho in Ho Chi Minh to see where is the destination that we will visit in the journey to enjoy the city called Uncle Ho.

Pho is not only familiar to Vietnamese but also to foreign tourists

1. Phở Hòa

Introducing PHỞ HÒA

Among all the best Pho in Ho Chi Minh, Phở Hòa is the most welcoming foreign restaurant. With a lifetime of about 50 years. This is truly one of the famous heirloom restaurants in Saigon. That is why even though it is located in the middle of the road, there are many shops, delicious Pho cars. Phở Hòa always has a certain foothold with busy tourists.

Customers coming to Pho Hoa will be served delicious bowls of noodle soup with a porridge of pho and meat, vegetables, bean sprouts and sprinkles are always available on the table for guests to eat. Each person has a unique feeling when enjoying Pho here. However, objectively speaking, Pho Hoa is still the most attractive address in Saigon.

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm

Price range: 75,000 VND – 85,000 VND

Address: 260C Pasteur, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh

2. Phở Dậu

Introducing Pho Dau

Not inferior to Pho Hoa in terms of traditional thickness. Pho Dau is also a famous address with delicious North Vietnamese dishes. Normally, North tourists visiting Saigon will come to this noodle shop to enjoy familiar dishes. This seems to have been the norm because the rich flavor in the bowl of Pho has never plagued other travelers.

Especially, Phở Dậu has an anecdote attached to the name Pho Nguyen Cao Ky. Because in the past, this was the familiar address of General Nguyen Cao Ky.

Pho Dau has a beautiful aftertaste of soups. A rich broth served with thinly sliced onions and pickled in vinegar. Customers eat Rooster pho is often served according to the rustic taste of the northern pho. No prices, no herbs, no black sauce. And there are no more beef balls like the usual Pho Thanh bowls.

Opening hours: 5am – 11pm

Price range: 65,000 VND – 75,000 VND

Address: Cu Xa 288, Alley 288 M1 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Phở Chay Như

Introducing Phở Chay Như

True to its name, Phở Chay Như is a restaurant serving gourmets with frugal but equally delicious vegetarian dishes. If one day you suddenly get bored of the taste of high-protein dishes. Then choosing vegan pho Nhu to change the taste is not bad at all.

The restaurant not only serves Pho but also many other delicious vegetarian dishes. For example, steamed rice rolls, nam noodles, snacks, mushroom noodles, …. And of course, all are vegetarian foods.

Phở Chay Như is not as salty, but as strong as regular meat noodle soup. But it is loved by the taste of frugality, light sweet, not sick. Must be an option worth trying right?

Opening hours: 6:00 am – 10:00 pm

Price range: 20,000 VND – 50,000 VND

Address: 54 Truong Quyen, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh

4. Phở Chua Lạng Sơn

Introducing Phở Chua Lạng Sơn

Unlike the usual taste of steaming pho noodles. Enjoy Phở Chua Lạng Sơn will bring you a completely different taste experience. At first glance, many people may mistake this to be a vermicelli noodle dish by a similar form. However, when eating will find extremely unique and different flavors.

Each of Phở Chua Lạng Sơn bowl is marked by its rich, sweet and sour taste. The combination of a thick noodle soup with noodles and meat is like a glue. Instead of slurping like normal bowls of pho. Visitors eat sour noodles must be really slow to enjoy the delicious inner essence. If you come to Saigon without a hurry, don’t miss Phở Chua Lạng Sơn

Opening hours: 15:00 – 20:30

Price range: 25,000 VND – 39,000 VND

Address: 242/101 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Ward 3, District 3, Ho Chi Minh

5. Phở 2000

Introducing Phở 2000

Phở 2000 is known not only for the legend of a strange name – Celebrating the visit of US President Bill Clinton to Vietnam and enjoying a special dish at this same address in 2000.

Phở 2000 is not only served with the usual beef noodle soup. You can also order other pho dishes if you like such as beef noodle soup with wine sauce, chicken noodle soup, … And especially do not miss seafood pho – A typical dish that only Phở 2000 has. A bowl of seafood pho is marked by the uniqueness and exoticness of seafood, from herbs, broth with a strong sea flavor. Enjoy and certainly you will not regret when voting Phở 2000 became one of the best pho in Ho Chi Minh.

Opening hours: 06:00 – 13:00

Price: 40,000 VND – 88,000 VND

Address: Floor 1, 1 – 3 Phan Chu Trinh, P. Ben Thanh, District 1, TP. HCM

6. Phở Thìn Hà Nội

Introducing Phở Thìn

True to its name, Phở Thìn Hà Nội has been considered a famous brand in the capital. And when it was transferred to Saigon, it still deserves 1 of the best pho in Ho Chi Minh. This is not only recognized by Hanoi visitors when visiting. But even indigenous people or tourists from the cross cannot deny the typical flavor of Phở Thìn. If you want to find a bowl of Pho, mix both Hanoi and Saigon. Pho Thin is the leading candidate.

Typical of Phở Thìn is medium fiber noodles and soft tender beef. The broth is not too spicy, but it is still well cared for to create the required intensity. The best here is Noodle soup with eye round steak – a delicious dish that creates a brand for Phở Thìn from North to South.

Opening hours: Morning: From 07:00 am – 14:00 pm: From 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Price: 40,000 VND – 66,000 VND

Address: 170 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3, TP. HCM

7. Phở Cao Vân

Introducing Pho Cao Vân

When it comes to the oldest noodle shops in Ho Chi Minh City. Certainly one cannot forget Phở Cao Vân with the image of a 90-year-old man in the corner of a shop collecting money. That is the owner of Phở Cao Vân restaurant, accompanied by the shop from the days of walking in Hanoi. Until moving in Saigon. With many people’s childhood memories, Phở Cao Vân is really a companion along the years.

With the origins of Hanoi noodle, operating for decades. Phở Cao Vân is still recognized for its unique flavor. Every day, the restaurant welcomes a variety of tourists who want to find the North Vietnamese noodle in the South sky. Coming here, visitors will enjoy the bowl of sweet, low-fat but extremely charming noodles. Certainly, it will be a worthwhile experience.

Opening hours: 06:00 am – 10:30 pm

Price: 40,000 VND – 66,000 VND

Address: 25 Mac Dinh Chi, District 1, TP. HCM

8. Phở Lệ

Introducing Phở Lệ

Although when it comes to Pho, people often think of Phở Hà Nội – a dish with typical flavors of the North. However, if you have the opportunity to visit Phở Lệ. Perhaps you will break out, that turned out to be also unique.

The first plus point of Phở Lệ is that the space is always crowded with visitors. But still ensure clean and tidy. Accompanying that with the strong flavor of Pho in the South is the thing that impresses visitors. If you have the opportunity to come here, do not miss the Nam Le Pho. Surely you will want to come back. Because this is always recognized as one of the best places to eat pho in Ho Chi Minh (Top of according to best pho in Ho Chi Minh).

Opening hours: 07:00 am – 10:00 pm

Price range: 38,000 VND – 55,000 VND

Address: + 303 – 305 Vo Van Tan, Ward 5, District 3, TP. HCM

9. Phở Hùng

Introducing Pho Hung

Phở Hùng is one of the famous brands not only for Vietnamese. But even foreign tourists still consider this a reliable destination. This is not difficult to notice when the restaurant is always crowded with tourists visiting from early morning to midnight.

Each of the Phở Hùng bowls brings you a complete taste of the rich broth made from pure beef with more than 10 herbs. Crispy beef balls are extremely attractive. Eating Hung pho, visitors are not only entertained by taste but also by the impressive and beautiful layout. Each bowl of pho is pretty big with a steak of beef, beef balls and rice noodles. Therefore, you will definitely be filled.

Opening hours: 06:30 am – 03:00 pm

Price: 50,000 VND – 66,000 VND


302 – 304 Vo Van Kiet Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

371 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

243 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

10. Phở Tàu Bay

Introducing Phở Tàu Bay

When voting in the top of the best pho in Ho Chi Minh (the most delicious places to eat Pho in Ho Chi Minh), ignoring the name of Phở Tàu Bay would be a significant lack. This is one of the pho restaurants that makes up the brand name of Saigon cuisine.

Opened in 1954 with the typical Northern flavor of Pho. Phở Tàu Bay has followed the years of the Saigon people ever since. And until now, with the people of Saigon. And to all the tourists who love the North Pho. Then Phở Tàu Bay has always been one of the very familiar addresses.

Opening hours: 06:00 – 11:00

Price range: 40,000 VND – 61,000 VND

Address: 433 – 435 Ly Thai To, Ward 9, District 10, Ho Chi Minh


Above are some reviews about the best rated Pho restaurants in Ho Chi Minh (best Pho in Ho Chi Minh). Each restaurant brings a distinctive trait, a unique flavor. There is a restaurant with Northern characteristics. There are many hot bowls of Pho according to the taste of the South. Or sometimes the restaurant is delicious with the taste blending between both regions and then creating its own characteristics. So according to you, where will you choose to visit to enjoy the dish dubbed the national soul – the national treasure of the Vietnamese nation?