Hanoi to Ha Giang by motorbikes

Hanoi to Ha Giang by motorbikes


Ha Giang is one of the best tourist destinations in the North. You can visit buckwheat fields, set foot on Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark and Vietnamese North Pole – Lung Cu Flag Pole. In this article, Stylemotorbike will list important things when travelling from Hanoi to Ha Giang by motorbike.

The distance between Hanoi and Ha Giang is quite long which is 300 km. Therefore, travelling by motorbike is more suitable for someone in good health and really into travelling by motorbike. In spite of the difficulty in the distance, travelling to Ha Giang by motorbike is extremely an interesting and unforgettable experience. You will catch glamorous natural beauty which creates a unique feature of Ha Giang on the way. In addition, you can easily adjust your schedule or stop on the way to take some photos.

  1. When is Ha Giang most beautiful?

There’s no need wondering in which season Ha Giang will be most beautiful. If you haven’t visited Ha Giang, you can go there whenever you have free time since it is gorgeous all year round. In each season, Ha Giang has its own specific beauty features.

Ha Giang in Spring

People say that spring comes when grey rocks are covered in different colours. It is due to plenty of flowers such as white-dotted and peach blossom and colour of mountainous inhabitant’s costumes. Twinkling dewdrops on the peach blossom branches are like crystal. The atmosphere in the spring is pure. We feel the peace among a huge range of mountains and the pace of life seems to be slower. The sound of horn and hurrying pace of life are left behind once we set foot in here.

The beauty of Ha Giang is due to not only colourful flowers and natural landscape here but also tourists’ feeling. There is no word that can describe exactly how beautiful Ha Giang is but almost tourists having visited Ha Giang once want to go there again.

Spring in Ha Giang

The beauty of spring in Ha Giang


In summer, people visit Ha Giang to stay away from the hot atmosphere and crowded streets. Weather is cool and the sunshine is soothing. The sky is clear and blue makes the landscape seem to be larger.

 We can see floors of corns covering hills and mountains on the way.

Summer in Ha Giang

Summer in Ha Giang

The blue sky combines with the colour of trees generates a picturesque Ha Giang in May.


Ha Giang is extraordinarily beautiful in autumn thanks to drifting banks of cloud, shining sunlight and ripe paddy-field. In addition, the colour of yellow wild daisy and buckwheat generate a gorgeous and charming picture.

Autumn comes is when rice becomes ripe so terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi turn into yellow.

terraced fields in Ha Giang

Terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi


It’s not too cold in Ha Giang in winter. The landscape is adorned by trees with non-leaf branches and pale sunshine in winter. In the valley and on rocky mountains, we can see fields of buckwheat which is blossoming well

buckwheat flower

Buckwheat blossom in winter

The image of people gathering around the fire, telling daily stories and drinking corn alcohol in winter here is quite popular

people gathering around the fire

People gathering around the fire

Therefore, when visiting Ha Giang, you should try sitting near the fire to warm your hands, try grilled pork or au tau soup which are specialities of Ha Giang.

To sum up, Ha Giang is beautiful whenever it is. In each season, the beauty of Ha Giang is distinguished and specific. No matter when you visit Ha Giang, you will want to be back there once you visit.

  1. What should we prepare for the trip to Ha Giang by bike?

Riding motorbike to Ha Giang requires skilful riding ability and problem-solving. Besides, you should prepare some essential things for your trip carefully.

Warm clothes: It is much colder in Ha Giang than in Hanoi, especially at night so you should take along enough warm clothes.

Protective gears including gloves, helmet, knee amour, elbow amour, raincoat and personal papers such as identity card, driving license, motorbike registration and driving insurance.

Medicine: stomach drug, cold medicine and bandage in case of being injured.

Last but not least, you should take along your mobile phone, camera, battery charger, backup charger to save beautiful moments when travelling in Ha Giang.

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  1. Note when riding a motorbike to Ha Giang

Riding a motorbike to Ha Giang

Note when riding a motorbike to Ha Giang

  • If you ride a motorbike to Ha Giang, you had better stop to rest in Ha Giang City. It might be 4.p.m to 5.p.m when you arrive at Ha Giang City so the way to Quan Ba will be foggy and dangerous.
  • Riding motorbike to Ha Giang only if you are a skilful and experienced in riding a motorbike on the mountainous way. It is because there are a lot of extremely dangerous bends and ramps.
  • If you hire a motorbike in Ha Giang, remember to check it carefully. It has to be equipped with two mirrors or at least one left mirror.
  • Using the helmet which can cover ¾ your head to keep safe. You shouldn’t use a low-quality helmet. Safety first.
  • If you start moving from Ha Giang, fully refuel your motorbike in Ha Giang City, Yen Minh Pine Hill, Dong Van and a little Quan Ba so that there is not much fuel left when you give motorbike back.
  • On a foggy or rainy day, you should arrive at the destination before late afternoon or when there is still daylight. There are some roads in Ha Giang that are quite dangerous in the dark
  • At time when tourists to Ha Giang are crowded, remember to book hotel or homestay and coach ticket from 5 to 7 days in advance. Call to confirm when it’s near the time of the beginning of the trip.
  1. Ways from Hanoi to Ha Giang by motorbike

The way to Ha Giang is quite long so travelling by motorbike is more suitable for people who are interested in riding a motorbike. It is nearly 300 km from Ha Giang to Ha Noi. There are two typical ways you can choose:

1st way: This way is along highway 2 and about 290 km. From the center of Hanoi, you move towards Vo Chi Cong street, Nhat Tan Bridge, Vinh Ngoc street and Vo Nguyen Giap Street. Going straight in 15 km, then you turn right towards highway 2A. Going straight towards Phuc Yen Town, then you move towards Vinh Yen City, turning left towards highway 2C. Going straight towards Tuyen Quang City – Viet Quang Town – Ha Giang.

2nd way:

This way is along highway 32 and longer than the first way about 7 km. From the center of Hanoi, you move towards Thang Long Avenue. Going straight in 27 km, then you turn right towards highway 21. Going ahead in 20 km then you turn left towards highway 32, going straight towards Trung Ha Bridge – Phu Tho City – highway 2 – Tuyen Quang City – Viet Quang Town – Ha Giang

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  1. Schedule

This is a sample schedule of some groups of biker. You can consider it and adjust your schedule properly

  • Day 1:

Ha Noi – Tan Trao banyan tree in Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang City – Bac Sum Ramp. Having dinner and Resting at Bac Sum Ramp Homestay.

  • Day 2:

Bac Sum Ramp – Quan Ba – Yen Minh Pine Hill – Meo Vac – Ma Pi Leng – Dong Van Town – Lung Cu Flag Pole.

Having dinner and resting at Lo Lo Homestay

  • Day 3:

Lung Cu Flag Pole – Vuong’s Edifice – Pao’s House – Yen Minh Pine Hill – Quan Ba – Bac Sum Ramp. Having dinner and Resting at Bac Sum Ramp Homestay.

  • Day 4:

Ha Giang City – Ha Noi.

Expected cost: 1,4 million per person

Ha Giang is always an ideal destination for people who love nature and discovering. We hope that this article will give you some useful information.

Have a nice trip!