Honda Semi Auto

There are 2 models of Honda Semi-Automatic that we offer between 110cc and 125cc. The details and differences of these bikes are explained below.

The prices shown are for the monthly rental across Vietnam, daily, and longer rental prices are shown on the individual bike.

As these are quite new Hondas they are the most reliable bikes to travel with and as they are semi-automatic they are perfect for beginners to learn while still capable of making the trip all over Vietnam.

The Honda semi-automatic bikes are the most common bikes Vietnamese people drive, this is mainly due to there ease of driving and performance. While they are mainly designed for short trip or city driving they can be taken everywhere in Vietnam and during your trip you will see them driven in all condition and terrain.

While the manuals are more designed for longer travel the semi-automatics are still capable of doing and this if you are new to riding and want 1 less thing to think about, then not having a clutch and riding a semi-automatic is the answer.

The bikes still have 4 gears so are capable of mountains and as they are real Honda they perform well the whole time.

With our semi-automatics you get a free strong D-lock, luggage rack, bungee cords, map and local helmet.

As well as this we provide you with a free service in Hanoi before or after heading through northern Vietnam and a free service in Hoi An when travelling north or south if required. This means the bikes continue to be well maintained and serviced while you are renting them.