Taxi from Ho Chi Minh airport

Taxi from Ho Chi Minh airport


Now a day, taxi is a popular mean of transportation in many countries because of its convenience. Foreigner visitors have planning visit Vietnam can refer to here to know about cheap taxi brands from Ho Chi Minh airport. We give you exact information about taxi brands in here.

  1. Taxi Vinasun

Vinasun Taxi

A prestige and famous taxi company in Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a familiar taxi firm with customers. Vinasun taxi appeared in Ho Chi Minh City for a long time before opening their market in the other provinces. With a large market and Professional service staffs, Vinasun is loved and believed by users. The company always takes the comfort of customers first, so you absolutely can safely use the service of this car company.

Phone number:

  1. Taxi Airport

Taxi Airport is the most popular in Ho Chi Minh City. If this is the first time you visit Ho Chi Minh City and you are confusing with choosing a taxi to move from the airport to the central city, you can save this taxi firm’s phone number. Airport Taxi provides a good service and affordable price so that you’ll have a satisfying trip and needn’t worry about price.

Phone number: –

  1. Taxi Dam Sen

Dam Sen Taxi

The quality of this company is assessed by the driver’s experience

This is one of many taxi companies in Ho Chi Minh City that you can choose. The quality of this company is assessed by the driver’s experience. With a team of drivers with many years of experience, you can rest assured during your trips. In addition, what Dam Sen taxi always makes customers happy is agility does not make customers wait long. Below is the company’s phone number, which you can save to call when needed.

Phone number: 028.38345.45.45

  1. Taxi Hoang Long

Taxi Hoang Long

A good choice for visiting famous destinations

This is a taxi company quite familiar to residents and tourists in Ho Chi Minh City. You can call this car to explore famous tourist destinations here. Its quality is relatively good and the price is reasonable. For this reason, Hoang Long taxi is often chosen by many customers.

Phone number:

  1. Taxi 27-7

If you are struggling to find a taxi company, please refer to this taxi company. This is a reputable taxi switchboard in Ho Chi Minh City. The quality of service is quite good, the number of vehicles is quite large, ensuring to serve all the needs of customers.

Phone number: 028.38.900.900

  1. Taxi Mai Linh

Taxi Mai Linh

Mai Linh is always the first choice of many passengers

With its striking green colour and large vehicle density, Mai Linh taxi has become familiar to any customer. This is a large taxi company, present throughout the country, with excellent service quality, so Mai Linh is always the first choice of many passengers. You can choose this car company for the best ride experience.

Phone number:

  1. Some other taxi companies

In addition to the above taxi companies, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are many other taxi companies serving both in the city and at the airport such as:

Taxi 12
A Taxi 028.38.380.380
Ben Thanh Taxi 028.38.422.422

Binh Phat Taxi
BM Taxi
Chợ Lớn Taxi
Dat Thep Taxi 028.38.321.321
Taxi Dau Khi (PetroVietnam)
Taxi David
Taxi Deluxe
Taxi Duc Linh
F Taxi
Taxi Festival
Taxi Future
Taxi Gas Saigon Petrolimex
GiaDinh Taxi
Taxi Happy 028.38.777.777
Taxi Hoan My

Taxi Hong Phuc
Taxi Khai Hoan Mon
M Taxi
Taxi Mai
Taxi Nam Phi Long
P Taxi
Taxi Phi Long
Taxi Phuong Trang
Taxi Rang Dong
Saigon Taxi
Saigon Taxi (BLANC)
Taxi Saigon Tourist (Saigon Tourist Taxi)
Saigon Air Taxi
Saigon Airport Taxi
Saigon Taxi
Saigon Taxi (SASCO)
Saigon Xanh Taxi
Taxi Saigontourist
Taxi Savico
Star Taxi
Taxi Tan A (Taxi Đỏ)
Taxi Tanaco

Taxi Thanh Bình
Taxi Thien Phuc 028.38.626.626
Taxi Vina
Taxi VN (VN Taxi)
Taxi VT – DL số 2
V Taxi

8. Technology Taxi

In addition to the traditional taxi companies that are constantly changing, improving and developing to meet customers’ needs, in the current technological age, technology taxi companies are also developing strongly. Applying the advanced achievements of science and technology, technology carriers are becoming more and more prominent in the passenger transport market. The market in Vietnam in general and in Ho Chi Minh City, in particular, is a potential market for technology carriers to exploit. From famous brands in the region and the world like Grab, GoViet … to Vietnamese brands like Be.

Technology Taxi

Technology taxi companies are also developing strongly

With the convenience of technology, foreign tourists can easily book a car with just their smartphone. Compared to traditional taxis, technology taxi companies will be more dominant because they can build a user-friendly interface with many languages ​​to easily reach customers from many other countries together. In particular, prices will be posted and notified before customers use the service. This is convenient for customers to choose whether to use if the price is not suitable.

At the airport in Ho Chi Minh City, there are many taxi companies ready to serve you. We hope that the above information will help you have more options for a safe and quality trip.