Should I travel by motorbike

Should I travel by motorbike


Motorbikes are a popular means of transportation in Vietnam as well as a number of other developing countries. This type of vehicle is quite handy so it is preferred. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this vehicle when travelling as well as in everyday life? We will share with you a few comments below on this issue.

  1. Advantages


Compared to cars, a motorbike can be purchased at a much cheaper price, except for a superbike, with the money to buy a car we can buy a few motorcycles. That is why it is suitable for the income of most Vietnamese’s, partly why motorbikes are popular here.

In addition, motorcycles are compact and more fuel-efficient than cars. Using a motorbike you will be able to travel a distance of about 100 km and consume less than 5 litres of gasoline, but the average car must be nearly double that number already. As such, the number of emissions released into the hazardous environment doubles. Naturally, you save quite a bit of money.

Advantages of using motorbikes

Some advantages of using motorbikes

Registration fees and taxes for motorbikes are significantly cheaper than cars because motorcycles use less fuel so the Government reduces prices when registering motorbikes.


With the current situation of traffic and urban planning in Vietnam, a motorbike will be a more suitable choice for you to easily move. Firstly, during rush hour, if you travel by car, you will have to spend hours and hours travelling by petrol. But with motorcycles, you can move more easily because they need less space, so they can go even in tight places. Because of its small size, it is suitable for walking into the corners, the narrow street just fits two motorcycles in opposite directions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. If you need an address in the alleyways, you can’t drive your car into it, you have to park your car and walk-in. Not to mention, the deposit of cars is also quite expensive, will range from 30000VND-50000VND / time, much more expensive than just 5,000 VND motorbike.


Usually, a motorbike will need less repair or maintenance than a car and it is also simpler. Some incidents or the simple maintenance of the car owner can fix themselves without bringing your car to a professional mechanic. In addition, the cost for a repair of a motorbike is also less costly.


In big cities, the parking space for a car is quite rare and expensive. But with motorcycles, you can let it easier. On the sidewalk, the road, in the house … without affecting much to other road users. As mentioned above, if you go out, valet parking is also cheaper than a car.

Parking space of motorbikes

The parking space of motorbikes in big cities


Currently, young people are becoming more and more interested in and choosing motorcycles for their travels. If you ride a motorbike, you can be completely proactive about your time and schedule, regardless of the group, such as taking a bus or following a tour. Besides, the cost of a motorcycle trip is also cheaper than other forms, suitable for young people who love to explore. Being able to control the motorbike and experience the feeling of crossing the passes, the bridges are the feeling that those who love travelling always want to experience. So motorcycles are the first choice.

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travel by motorbikes

Young people are more interested in and choosing motorcycles for their travels

  1. Disadvantages

Although it has many advantages when joining transportation by motorbikes, which still exist many disadvantages. Some disadvantages we can collect as:


Compared to cars, motorcycles have less space to sit. A motorbike designed just for two people. Of course, some people carry 3 or even 4, but that’s not allowed because it is more dangerous. You also cannot carry too many things when using a motorbike. Having so little room to sit like this can sometimes cause inconveniences to travel.


Normally, people think that travelling by motorbike is not as safe as cars, so most people choose cars as a means of travel. In addition to the fact that people always feel secure when protected by the metal layer of the tires, fatigue is also caused for concern. Driving a motorbike travelling means you have to drive a long way by yourself so it is easy to get tired and distracted while driving. In addition, motorcycles do not have much space to carry many things or accompany many people. This is also an annoying limitation for many people.


Although it is compact and easy to move in traffic, it is also because of this that some drivers have moved in an unorganized manner, causing further congestion.

Motorbikes are also the cause of many accidents today. Drivers who have driven a motorcycle without seriously obeying the rules of traffic safety such as not wearing a helmet, speeding, going the wrong lane … However, most of the causes of these incidents Accidents are caused by the awareness of road users.

In backpacking trips, travelling by the motorbike is also potentially dangerous. Drivers must do their own thing and face the harsh weather. This makes driving fast tired, exhausting, and dangerous for long-distance driving.

disadvantages of using motorbikes

The disadvantages of using motorbikes


While it consumes less fuel, it emits fewer emissions than a car in the environment. But in Vietnam, the number of motorbikes is too much, on average, each of them will own a motorbike, so the number of emissions that this vehicle emits to the environment is quite large. In fact, although not the only factor, exhaust from motorbikes and other vehicles are one of the causes of environmental pollution in big cities. In recent years Hanoi is one of the most polluted cities with air quality at an alarming rate.

Therefore, with the benefits of travel for people, motorcycles also bring many threats to human life, most notably environmental issues. To limit the deteriorating situation of the air in Hanoi as well as other major cities in Vietnam, we need to take measures to improve the traffic situation or to find more friendly fuel with the environment.

Any type of vehicle has different advantages and disadvantages during use, as is the case with motorcycles. We do not give advice on whether to use this vehicle because it depends on your needs. Consider the needs, financial capacity and other factors of your close friends to choose whether to use a motorbike for travel or daily use.